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Competitive, Casual eSports

Competitive cash prize mobile games will maximize your monetization.

Incentivize your players to play not just for fun but also for a chance to win real money. This maximises your income per player up to 7 times the industry average. Don’t rely on banner ads and count the hundreths of cents per click. Get in early on the next era of mobile gaming..

Higher User Retention

Competitive cash prize games average 24% higher monthly user retention than average mobile games

It’s not just better for you, but better for your players as well. Competitive real money games have much higher user retention than traditional mobile games. Players have extra incentive to play and extra incentive to practice, spending more time on your game without being bombarded by ads.

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We can develop your competitive mobile game, or adapt your existing game to the platform.

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Casual Esports Game


BubbleD is a fresh take on the classic bubble shooter genre. Players compete over 3 levels to determine a winner. Average game time 2.30 minutes.

Casual Esports Game

Goal Scoring Superstar Hero

GSSH is a competitive soccer game. Players try to beat their opponents in a shootout. Average game time 2.30 minutes.

Goal Scoring Superstar Hero


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